AKC Boston Terrier exhibitor, breeder, and enthusiast
It is our sincerest pleasure to welcome you to Cypress Farm Kennel online.
As you journey through the pages of our website you will come to find that we are far from what you can describe as a typical breeder of Boston Terriers. Applying over 35 years of
knowledge gained in canine rearing we at Cypress Farm Kennel are able to provide unequivocal assurance to our prospective puppy families of a positive buying experience from a
reputable, responsible breeder.
The dogs that are part of our family and the puppies we produce are the pride and joy of our home! We want nothing more than for our puppy
families to be confident in knowing they are obtaining the healthiest and most well cared for puppies that have been born and raised in a loving home environment before joining their
own households. The emphasis of our program is that our puppies are bred with
H.E.A.R.T.. To learn more about our program and it's structure which has been molded to protect the
integrity of the Boston Terrier breed to include coat colors original to the breed from the late 1800s, please browse the many information based pages contained within our website.


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