AKC/UCA Boston Terrier exhibitor, breeder, and enthusiast
We hope you are enjoying your tour of Cypress Farm Kennel online. Allow us to introduce ourselves virtually and tell you a bit more about ourselves and how
we came to be CFK. Pictured above at right is my mother, Linda, and at left is myself, Krystin. Along with the help of my brother, Robert, and father, Neal, we
make up the Johansen family. Everyone in our family has a hand in raising the puppies here on the Farm but my mom is the brains behind the operation who
started it all.

My mother whelped her first litter of Cocker Spaniels when she was 16 years old. Over the decades the breeds have changed, but her passion for whelping
and rearing puppies has remained steadfast and thankfully rubbed off on me as a child. Some of my earliest memories involve cuddling in bed with a tiny
puppy that I had snuck into my room at bedtime. I thought I had done so cunningly but my mom always knew. She would wait for me to fall asleep then would
come get the puppy and return it to it's mother.

In 1990 the business license was approved to legally name our breeding program "Cypress Farm Kennel". My parents decided on the name together so that
all facets of the Farm were included. The portion of the name "
Cypress" was derived from the beautiful Cypress trees that lined the bayous of our home state
at the time, Louisiana. The portion "
Farm Kennel" was decided to encompass all of the critters being raised on my parent's farm. My mother and father were
raising AQHA Quarter Horses for barrel racing as well as registered Black Angus Cattle along with many other barn animals that my brother and I could show
in 4/H and FFA. If it was feathered, cloven hoofed, or neighed we likely raised it and loved every second of it. There wasn't ever a dull moment around the
Johansen household!

In 2004 I graduated from high school and began attending university. Having injured my knee beyond repair I found myself in an emotional lull not being able
to play basketball any longer. I was desperately seeking an outlet to pour my heart and soul into, a way I could be the best at something again. As if it by fate I
met my first Boston Terrier a week before college classes started and fell in love. However it wasn't until I saw a chocolate and white Boston Terrier and her
pups modeling dog beds in a Doctor's Foster and Smith pet supply catalog when I fell head over heels. After consulting with my mother, who at the time was
well known for her show quality, champion chocolate/rust Miniature Pinschers, not much convincing was needed to have her on board the Boston Terriers of
color train. Together we began our adventure in raising Boston Terriers.

We spent months researching the breed before initializing the steps to purchase our first Boston Terrier. At the time we found little on the subject of
nonstandard colors. Anyone that would actually speak to us about Boston Terriers would immediately squash the subject of nonstandard colors prohibiting
any educational conversation on the subject and meeting any questions of color with degrading verbiage, disgust, and even hate. The Internet then wasn't
used as a source of networking like it is today and even Google didn't render much information. A very valuable lesson was learned early:
breeding Boston
Terriers of nonstandard colors would not be easy
. We were up for the challenge!

In 2005 we obtained our first breeding pair of adult Boston Terriers and by 2006 we had our first litter of 3 beautiful black/white Boston Terrier boys. Soon
after my father's career forced a move to Texas. I stayed back to finish my degree, but in December of 2006 I followed my family and became a Texas girl. In
2007 we were incredibly blessed to find a mentor in Susan Stafford, who is extremely knowledgeable of the breed but particularly conformation, temperament,
and structure. She has helped us immensely and without her sharing of knowledge and encouragement of limitless ability we would not have the program we
have today.

The last decade has been much hard work, heartache, stress, and at times even drama. However, through it all we have firmly believed that AKC nonstandard
colored Boston Terriers deserve their place alongside their standard colored counterparts both in the American Kennel Club conformation ring and also in the
history of the breed. We have taken it upon ourselves as well as fused immortal camaraderie with like minded peers to work diligently to forge a positive place
in 21st century history for Colored Boston Terriers. Understandably this endeavor will not take place overnight. A quintessential factor of setting Colored
Boston Terrier history is that we as breeders maintain our reputability amongst our peers and remain actively involved in the Boston Terrier community. Below
are just a few of the credits we at Cypress Farm Kennel have been able to attribute to the breed through our perseverance along with the help of our mentor,
friends, and supporters:

-Krystin Johansen founded the All Color Boston Terrier Club (ACBTC) on July 9, 2007.
-In 2008 Cypress Farm Kennel Boston Terriers became the sole testing group for DNA color analysis studies for
Veterinary Genetics Laboratories which led to the gained knowledge
for VetGen to be able to release a series of recessive color testing panels for the Boston Terrier breed for sale to the public.
-Krystin Johansen assisted
Animal Genetics Inc. with several specific studies regarding canine coat color genetics of the BT breed.
-With help of the ACBTC on October 1, 2012  
Juvenile Hereditary Cataract Awareness Month was established which is an annual event held October of every year. Cypress Farm
Kennel donates 3 PAID JHC DNA testing kits from Animal Genetics Inc. and donates them to be given away via the ACBTC Facebook page.
-Krystin Johansen assisted author Peggy Swager with the color chapter of her book
'Boston Terrier (Smart Owner's Guide)'  which was published in 2011 available at Petsmart,
Petco, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. Krystin Johansen is also quoted within the book regarding the importance of health testing/BAER testing. This book is HIGHLY recommended as
it is the only modern day (within the last 70 years) BT breed book to include information that is not biased but also educational regarding nonstandard coat colors of the BT breed.
-Cypress Farm Kennel published the first of it's kind breed specific online tutorial for coat color genes titled and linked:
Boston Terrier Coat Colors Explained
-In the past Boston Terriers were titled by their color, IE "Red Boston Terriers", "Blue Boston Terriers", "Fawn Boston Terriers" and so on. The colors became known as the "Colored
Boston Terrier"
breed as designated by Krystin Johansen which began with acceptance of the breed standard (written by Krystin Johansen and Susan Stafford) by the purebred
registration body the
United Canine Association in October of 2008. Prior to 2008 there was no all inclusive title until the President of the UCA asked Krystin to give a formal title to the
breed they were to recognize. The breed is presently known as Colored Boston Terriers throughout the Boston Terrier community.
-CFK was the first kennel to show a Colored Boston Terrier in a modern day conformation show via the United Canine Association (UCA), an alternative registry, on November 15, 2008.
-CFK was the first kennel to Grand Champion title a Colored Boston Terrier in a present day conformation show via the United Canine Association (UCA), an alternative registry,
January 16, 2010.
-CFK was the first kennel to show a Colored Boston Terrier in a modern day conformation show via the American Kennel Club (AKC). Upon denial by the AKC to register a blue Boston
Terrier properly as a blue and forced to keep the color seal on the certificate, CFK registered their blue Boston for show via Onofrio and participated in an AKC show. Our blue Boston
Terrier (registered as seal/white care of the AKC) was allowed to show, wasn't disqualified, and even received a placement along with a ribbon.
-CFK published "Colored Boston Terrier Newborns, a 2015 Calendar": Proceeds of the calendar were donated to the MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue.
-In 2014 CFK founded "Breeder's Giving Back"-donating money from each litter produced to rescues of our own choosing. On December 31, 2015 we reached our goal of donating a
total of $10,000 over a two year span to hardworking rescue organizations.
-January 2016 CFK Champion titled the first ever blue brindle Boston Terrier puppy (Cypress' Love to Watch Her Strut-Arkyn) with the IABCA.

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to everyone who has been involved in our journey all these years. Without your support and
friendship we would not be the people we have become or have the program we have developed. We hope to add many more credits to our dynasty
over the next decade.
XOXO Linda & Krystin Johansen
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