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Curious as to the rearing regimen of Cypress puppies?
Below you will find a step by step of the rearing process of Cypress puppies from birth to the age they are cleared by our veterinarians to go to
their new homes. We aren't claiming this process is the only way to rear pups or that it is the best way, this is just our way. No two breeders are the
same which is another example of why it is so important to contact a minimum of three different breeders while researching. Interviewing different
breeders helps a prospective new family to become educated on the manner in which their prefer their eventual new puppy is born and raised.  

Before conception takes place both mother (DAM) and father (SIRE) have been cleared a yearly health screening by a licensed veterinarian and
must have completed the Boston Terrier Club of America OFA specified health screenings. They are up to date on shots including rabies, worming
preventatives, and brucellosis clear. Health testings have been completed and both parents are clear/non-carriers for the juvenile hereditary
cataract (JHC) gene. This means none of the puppies will be affected with early onset cataracts. Both parents have been Orthopedic Foundation
for Animals (OFA) certified for brain auditory evoked response (BAER) test to check hearing as NORMAL, OFA certified to receive the highest
grading for patellas (knees) as NORMAL, and OFA CAER (eye) certified clear and NORMAL leading to Canine Health Information Center (CHIC)
registration. The CAER testing happens yearly so feel free to confirm CAER test for sire and dam is current.  Breedings are completed over a period
of 5 days, every other day, for three complete breedings. Breedings are completed by manner of either natural "free" breeding with no assistance
OR artificial insemination which requires assistance from a professional.

In most cases birth of puppies takes place 59-65 days from time of fertilization of eggs. This time of fertilization can vary depending on ovulation
and breeding schedule. Most often our litters are born between day 60 of first breeding and day 60 of last breeding. There are two manners in
which puppies can be whelped. The first being what all Boston Terrier breeders pray for, natural "free" whelping with little to no assistance
necessary. Our dam's deliver in our home, almost always in our living room where they then raise them, though some have chosen to give birth in
our bath tub, bed, or closet before. The second being assisted delivery of a cesarean section (csection) by a licensed and experienced
veterinarian. These most often times need to take place after normal business hours, on the weekend, and almost always on a holiday. For
cesarean sections it is very important that only gas anesthetic is used (no IV anesthetic) and that dam is intubated with a breathing tube during
procedure. Optimal csection experience is when veterinarians will allow dam owner to be present for surgery and assist in revival of pups once
delivered. We are fortunate to always be present during csections and always assist with revival of our puppies. Sometimes it takes half an hour to
bring an unconscious puppy around. Once delivery is complete an ever watchful eye must oversee that dam's interaction with her new puppies is
affectionate and not of aggression, especially important after csections. Also important is to be sure dam is producing milk and that all puppies are
nursing well and gaining weight appropriately. The next two weeks are very important in regard to the first stages of puppyhood. Newborn
photographs are taken.
DAY #3
By day three an assessment can be made regarding the puppies and their will to live. It is at this time that a breeder of experience can begin to tell
if puppies are thriving or if there is a puppy that hasn't taken to nursing as well which may be leading to growth issues. Puppies should be gaining
weight and uniform in size. On day three CFK puppies have their dew claws removed. This is done in our home. It is a simple and very quick
process that causes no long term pain and only momentary discomfort for a better quality of life for puppies as adults. This is also the first time that
their toe nails are trimmed and when they are given "nicknames". "Nicknames" are given to puppies to identify them within our documentation. The
"nickname" can of course be changed by puppy's new family. Puppies are handled minimally between Day #3 and Week #2.

Puppies who have a failure to thrive in life will pass away due to causes unknown almost always by this age making week number two a life stage
goal for a puppy. By Week #2 puppies eyes have opened or are very close to doing so. They have gotten chubby and are beginning to be very
wiggly, really getting around the whelping box. Our puppies are given their first oral suspension worming preventative of Drontal, a Pyrantel
Embonate all wormer. Puppies nails are also trimmed again and are photographed. From the age of two weeks until puppies go home, weekly
update photos will be captured and weekly nail trimmings will be conducted. Video updates will be filmed at ages varying mostly due to personal
WEEK #3, WEEK #4
For both week number three and week number four our Cypress puppies are wormed with an oral suspension worming preventative of Baycox,
Toltrazuril the highest level of prevention for Coccidiosis. Week number four is also the week that Cypress puppies receive their first vaccination.
Puppies are given 1cc of the modified live virus vaccination for Parvo, Neopar. Most veterinarians do not use this vaccination in their regimen so
most breeders must vaccinate their puppies with it themselves OR purchase it and pay a veterinarian to vaccinate puppies and document.
Vaccinations should be given two weeks apart from one another for maximum absorption prior to travel. If puppy is to be shipped be sure that
breeder vaccinates puppy with 1cc of Neopar a minimum of 10 days prior to shipping date. A puppy should positively NEVER be shipped via airline
or ground without being previously vaccinated with Neopar.  Weekly nail trims and photographs continue take place, becoming more difficult at
Week #4 as puppies are now able to walk around. The weaning process has started. Dam is away from puppies twice a day for thirty minutes at a
time while puppy "mush" is offered to pups. Puppies first baths most often take place between these two weeks as well. Anytime after 4 weeks if
the date falls on the 15th of the month, puppies will be given heartworm preventative on this date in the form of oral suspension Ivomec.

Puppies are wormed once more with Drontal. Puppies begin to play with one another. They've most often have found their "voices" at this age.
Puppies being to develop their independent personalities as well. Some become leaders quickly on, while others are laid back and much more
followers. More differences in personality begin to quickly appear. Puppies at CFK are now one week into the weaning process. Dam is away from
puppies three to four times a day for one hour at a time. Towards the end of Week #5 the dam spends two days away from pups but is back to feed
and sleep with them at night. Puppies are now starting to eat a softened kibble in the morning and evening and are starting to litter box training!
At 6 weeks of age puppies receive  their first of three combination (COMBO) puppy shots. Depending on the region of the United States the
breeder resides, there may be a requirement that veterinarians give these shots. We vaccinate our puppies in our home. We use Norbivac brand 5
in 1 combination vaccination. We document this vaccination as well as the Neopar vaccination and all worming preventatives on a health record
document that will go home with our puppies so that their new vet can see what regimen they have been on. We do not vaccinate with Lepto
vaccinations, available in  most 8 in 1 combo vaccinations. Boston Terriers are highly allergic and in South Texas Lepto viruses are not prevalent.
We typically do not vaccinate for Leptop until our dogs are one  year of age, with a strong adult immune system. Developing puppy immune systems
can be overwhelmed by all of the vaccination preventatives. We implement a quality diet of Nutro Max brand puppy formula  but an important
addition to our dogs and puppies diets is NuVet vitamins. Since being conceived Cypress puppies receive NuVet vitamins in utero. When they are
born they get it from their mother's milk. When our puppies are weaned they are given puppy mush with NuVet in it. Once they are weaned and on
puppy kibble they are given one half of a wafer to eat after dinner in the evenings. They love it like a treat and it's incredibly healthy for them
stimulating a healthy and strong immune system. Also at the age of 6 weeks, a couple days after their first combo shot, CFK puppies receive a
worming preventative of the delicious caramel flavored oral suspension Strongid-T, a Pyrantel Pamoate which is well known for elimination of
Hookworms and Roundworms. At 6.5 weeks of age, a couple of days after being wormed, CFK puppies are microchipped with an AKC REUNITE chip.
This permanent identification must be in place for their hearing BAER test at 7 weeks. New owners will receive documentation to register chip with
personal owner information with AKC when they picking up puppy.

Week number seven brings the most eventful day since the puppies were born. This is the week that the puppies will travel to their first vet
appointment. This seven week apt includes a comprehensive 12 point puppy exam with an Orthopedic Foundation for Animals certified
veterinarian specialist. We travel to Seguin, Texas to the Seguin Animal Hospital for the puppies BAER hearing tests. Their patellas are also
examined at this time. Their patellas can not be graded for OFA until one year of age. This is merely a check to palpate for any luxation (MOVEMENT)
of the knees.  There is no guarantee that the puppy may not suffer from the inherent health issue of patella luxation but this helps to document that
there was not a problem when the puppy was of young age before he/she went home. A couple days after the vet appointment CFK puppies
receive their final worming preventative of Drontal before going home.
Only one more week before puppies start to go to their new homes! Puppies are now eating a diet of dried kibble in the morning and a
dried/softened kibble mixture in the evening. They are loving their NuVet vitamin wafer halfs! Cypress Farm Kennel puppies will attend their final
vet appointments with us before  going home in week 8. This appointment is a comprehensive puppy exam by our regular veterinarian at Credence
Veterinary Clinic, in Beeville, Texas. This exam includes fecal test to check for parasites like tapeworms and coccidia, but also a separate fecal
giardia snap test is performed for each puppy in the litter. Most breeders do one fecal test that tests a group sample collected for all puppies.
Breeders rarely spend the money to have independent fecal tests ran including giardia snap tests. If a breeder won't do a giardia snap test on your
puppy ask if they will reimburse for giardia treatment medicines if your puppy becomes giardia positive within the first 30 days. Giardia and
Coccidia are  two of the most common health issues that new puppy owners face when purchasing from a breeder. Be sure that your breeder is
like Cypress Farm and does all that they can to ensure that your puppy doesn't go home with parasites or giardia, but also that if it does have issue
with them soon after going home that the  breeder will stand behind their puppy and not point the  finger of blame elsewhere. Continuing to go
beyond the normal of what is typically required of breeders, every Cypress Farm puppy will go home with a health certificate from our veterinarian
documenting the comprehensive vet exam and fecal test results. Most often breeders only supply health certificates if puppy is being shipped and
then new owner is required to pay for the this documentation. This is just one more thing that is included in the price of a CFK puppy. Puppies will
go to their new homes with all health documentation for veterinarian, a copy of the signed puppy purchase agreement which covers the alteration
(spay/neuter contract) and the health contract (one year OR lifetime). Copies of all of the CHIC/OFA health certifications of parents as well as the
health testing documents the puppies received will go to their new homes as well. Keep in mind in the event something were to happen with a
sibling of a CFK puppy or the parents/dog(s) in the lineage of any CFK puppy we will let puppy owners know so they can be sure and have their
puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian if necessary to conclude there is no issue.  At Cypress Farm we stand behind our puppies 110%. If
ever breeder support is needed, we are available. With over 25 years raising canines and nearly a decade raising Boston Terriers we are proud to
offer the referrals of over 100 happily satisfied Cypress puppy owners. Please add us on Facebook to connect with our "extended Cypress family"!
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