Welcome to the page of our website featuring the handsome guys of Cypress Farm Kennel. Each guy has been selected
as part of our program for their excelling aspects whether it be type, temperament, pedigree,
lineage, or as we strive for, all of the above. All of our guys are AKC registered, champion pedigreed and/or champion
sired/grandsired. Proudly all of the adults at Cypress Farm Kennel are Animal Genetics DNA tested clear, non-carrier for
the juvenile hereditary cataract (JHC) HSF4 gene. Furthermore they are OFA BAER (hearing), OFA Patella (knee), and
CAER (formerly CERF-eye) certified NORMAL which is the highest grading for a dog to receive. As of 8/15/16 we are in
need of updating our CAER testing for CHIC registration as well as registering all of the new health tests.

Our guys are not implemented as part of our program until they are mature, have passed health testing, and have been
evaluated by a group of our peers who are either AKC judges and/or long time AKC Boston Terrier conformation
exhibitors. Seeing as no dog is "perfect", not even the top AKC champion, it is easy for a breeder to become "kennel
blind" and not be able to see the faults that a dog of their own possess'. We have also begun exhibiting our Colored
Boston Terriers once again in conformation events. Currently we are exhibiting with the American Kennel Club and the
International All Breed Canine Association. Involving outside sources for evaluation helps us to better gauge whether
a guy will aid in elevating our program or he should be retired from our program before being used and perpetuating
undesirable faults in our bloodline. This helps to increase the possibility of reaching one of our highest goals, overall
structural consistency in quality. In meeting this goal we've set for ourselves it will help to take our puppies to the next
level thus achieving our ultimate goal of  the betterment of the Colored Boston Terrier breed for future generations.  
We are proud of our dogs and puppies and love to share them with the world. After all being lovers of
photography we can't help but take photos and videos daily of our most favorite subjects ever. Also, our most
current updates are made first on our Facebook page. Trust us, you don't want to miss a thing so click the
Facebook banner above to be taken to our page to easily add us or search: Cypress Farmbostons      
Cypress Farm Guys
Cypress' Seneca
Red/Brindle/White, 16lbs
Cypress' Beckham
Blue/Brindle/White, 18lbs
Cypress' Edich
Black/Brindle/White, 10lbs
In honor of our patriarch, Primo
(page under construction)
AKC Boston Terrier exhibitor, breeder, and enthusiast