We, Cypress Farm Kennel, reserve the right to refuse sale at any time.
You are more than welcome to come to our home on our ranch in Goliad, Texas to pick up your puppy.  It would be our pleasure to entertain
your family for the afternoon! However if you do not live in Texas and would like to fly to pickup your puppy we are happy to meet you at the
San Antonio, Texas International Airport. Please be aware that the puppy must be in an airline approved crate to fly. The crate will have to fit
under the seat in front of you. Amazon offers an array of options for pet safe, soft sided travel crates approved for airline travel. If you do not
live in Texas and can not fly to us to pickup your puppy we do offer a convenient shipping option.

We do not ship our puppies via airline cargo nor ground shipping/ground transport services. We apologize for any inconvenience this may
cause, however our puppies health, safety, and well being are of our utmost concern always.
We are pleased to be able to offer personal
 This service entails that your puppy will be provided the highest level of care during airline transport in cabin as
the breeder (myself or my mother) will fly to your nearest airport and meet you at your convenience.  We fly anywhere within the continental
United States and Canada. This service must be secured and paid for one month in advance of date of travel.
The puppy family incurs the
cost of the round trip plane ticket, the $125 pet fee for puppy to travel, as well as fee for VIP NANNY SERVICE which varies
depending on length of travel.
For travel time totaling less than 15 hours a $100 fee is incurred. For travel time totaling more than 15
hours but no more than 24 hours a fee of $200 is incurred. For travel time totaling more than 24 hours a fee of $300 is incurred. Total cost for
VIP NANNY SERVICE varies greatly but most often is not more than $700. For booking arrangements we use a travel agent which we connect
you with for itinerary booking and payment of flight directly. Pet fee is paid for by nanny the day of the flight before departing from San
Antonio International Airport. Both pet fee and nanny service fee must be paid prior to date of flight. Our VIP NANNY SERVICE comes highly
recommended by all who have chosen this method.
Upon completing your puppy application, completing a phone interview, and being approved for a Cypress Farm Kennel puppy you will receive
a copy of our Puppy Purchase Agreement/Health Guarantee/Alteration contract via email. After confirming understanding of contract, we will
require a deposit of
$500 to hold your pick puppy until he/she is able to go to his/her new home (typically at 8 weeks of age, never earlier).
Deposits are deducted from total purchase price of puppies which is

The following is information most inquired upon when wanting to submit a deposit.

There are two options for placing a deposit:



PayPal is our preferred method of placing deposits or making payments. If this is the method you choose, please let us know and we will email
you an easy pay invoice with all details of payment. This invoice doubles as a comprehensive receipt.  Please know that all PayPal payments
made will have an additional 3.9% PayPal usage fee added to total amount. (
Deposit totals $520.00 with PayPal fee included.)

USPS Money Order/Cashier's Check is preferred, we will place your pick puppy on "hold" for 4 days allowing time for the deposit to arrive.
All payments mailed must be sent via USPS Priority Mail with free tracking number and 2-3 day delivery guaranteed. If overnight is preferred
only Fed Ex can guarantee overnight delivery in the rural area we currently reside. After 4 days, if the deposit has not been received we will
remove the hold puppy will be made available to next family.

The balance of $1500 is payable at the time of pickup of your puppy in the form of CASH only. If you would like to pay balance via PayPal we
will send an invoice for the balance plus PayPal fee of 3.9% totaling $1560.00. Invoice must be paid 3 days prior to pickup date. If you would like
to pay balance via USPS money order OR cashier's check, we must receive payment 3 business days prior to pickup date so verification of
payment can be made by our bank. PayPal and/or money order/cashier's checks will not be accepted day of as this does not allow for
processing. If you have any more specific questions that this explanation does not cover please feel free to
contact us.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing that you have read all of the information contained within this website, most particularly
Frequently Asked Questions page.
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