Before submitting a deposit every potential new puppy/adult owner must first complete a
puppy/adult application in it's entirety. Please click
HERE to be taken to the application.
The photo at left is of myself walking to the next plane with the puppies during our layover. The photo in the middle is during their potty break
during layover. They have a moment to stretch their legs and play. I clean their paws with wipes before getting back in their crate for travel.
While they receive many admirers I do not allow anyone to touch them during travel after TSA checks them at the beginning of the trip. You
never know what people may have on their hands! Remember if you want to fly to us via San Antonio International or Corpus Christi Airport you
are more than welcome to fly and pick up your puppy yourself rather than myself flying to you. We will gladly meet you at the airport with your
puppy or if there is a long layover we will gladly take you for a snack/lunch/dinner for a little hang time between flights! It'd be our pleasure.
We, Cypress Farm Kennel, reserve the right to refuse sale at any time.
The photo at left is of my personalized pet travel bag that I fly the puppies in while I am flying to you to drop them off if personal
delivery option is chosen. The photo in the middle is of TSA checking the bag. They are only allowed to open the bag and touch
the puppies after I provide hand sanitizer to them. No other person gets to touch them during travel after this point but myself.
The photo at right is of the puppy traveling with me asleep on the plane during flight.  It isn't a stressful experience.
We are pleased to be able to offer personal delivery of your puppy in case you aren't within driving distance.  We are able to fly to you, as long
as puppy is under 15lbs and able to fit in a carry on to be placed under the seat. The puppy family incurs the cost of the round trip plane ticket
as well as the fees to fly with a puppy which can sometimes vary in total from $400-$700. Please contact us for more details:

You are also welcome to fly to the San Antonio International Airport or Corpus Christi Airport and we will happily meet you at the airport with your
puppy. You will have to notify the airline of your return flight that you will be flying with a puppy. Upon check in you will pay a fee to fly the puppy
with you in cabin. Depending on the airline this fee ranges from $75-$125. Please be aware that the puppy must be in an airline approved crate
to fly. The crate will have to fit under the seat in front of you. Most instances the regular plastic crates sold at WalMart are not approved for in
flight travel. Please contact us for more details:
Once the phone interview is conducted and you receive word that your adoption will continue you will receive a copy of our Puppy Purchase
agreement/Health Guarantee (1 year)/Alteration (Spay/Neuter) Contract. After confirming understanding of contract, we will require a deposit to
hold puppy until he/she is able to go to his/her new home (typically at 8 weeks of age, never earlier). Deposits are deducted from total purchase
price of puppies. Deposits are nonrefundable. Below is information about submitting a deposit.

There are two options for placing a deposit:



Paypal is our preferred method of placing deposits or making payments. If this is the method you choose, please let us know and we will email
you an easy pay invoice with all details of adoption.  Please know that all Paypal payments made will have an additional 3.9% Paypal usage fee
added to total amount. (Deposit totals $207.80 with PayPal fee included.)

USPS Money Order/Cashier's Check is preferred, we shall place your pick puppy on "hold" for 4 days allowing time for the deposit to to
arrive.  All payments mailed must be sent within that time frame Priority Mail with a tracking number for 2-3 day delivery. If overnight is preferred
only Fed Ex can guarantee overnight delivery in the rural area we currently reside. After 4 days, if the deposit has not been received we will
remove the hold and allow the next family to adopt your pick puppy.

your application, return of your payment, and we will not place a puppy with you period. We must speak with you prior to doing as we are not
breeders that just have "convenient pay" options for our pups. Some of those breeders actually prefer not to ever speak to the buyers of their
puppies believe it or not. That is not us at all! We want to maintain a relationship with our puppy families for the life of our puppies.

Remaining balance for puppies if being shipped is due at 7 weeks, NO LATER. If balance is not received at 7 weeks, your deposit will be void,
not returned, and your pick puppy will be made available to the next family on the waiting list.  Remaining balance for puppies being picked up is
to be paid at time of pickup and only in the form of cash. PayPal and/or money order/cashier's checks will not be accepted day of as this does
not allow for proper processing. Cash is the only form of payment accept at time of pickup. If you have any more specific questions that this
explanation does not cover please feel free to
contact us.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing that you read all of the information contained within this website, most particularly our
Frequently Asked
Questions page.