Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How long have you been breeding dogs?
A:Linda received her breeding female, a cocker spaniel, at
the age of 16. Once that female reached breeding age her
first litter was born. It was destiny and Linda has been
breeding ever since. Krystin, being Linda's daughter, has
been raised around breeding canines since birth. This means
there is over 30+ years of breeding experience at Cypress
Farm Kennel.
Q: How long have you been breeding Boston Terriers?
Q: What are some health problems that can be found in the Boston Terrier and what
steps has Cypress Farm taken to minimalize those defects in your program?
A: Some of the health problems that can be found in the Boston Terrier breed are, but not limited to: Cataracts (juvenile in
abundance), Deafness, Luxating Patella, Hemivertebra, Stenotic Nares (pinched nostrils). Any sire or dam that we are
considering using in our program must go through a rigorous process of health testing and evaluation that can sometimes
take up to 2 years to be sure they have fully developed thus meeting our lengthy list of criteria before we will even approve
them for incorporation into our program. We have a solid reputation for providing healthy puppies to our families for over 25
years. We have never and will never cut corners in any aspect of our program.

One way we minimalize the occurrence of health problems in our program is to health test. We health test all of our adults
for JHC (juvenile hereditary cataracts), OFA BAER (hearing), OFA CAER (once known as CERF, eyes abnormalities) and
OFA Patella (knees). We are in the process of registering our results with OFA which will then render a CHIC certificate
number for each of our adults. Not only do we health test our adults, but we are proud to be one of the very few breeders of
Boston Terriers who health tests our puppies prior to them going to them new homes with no expense for this health testing
incurred to their new families. Does this make our pricing of puppies more in comparison to other breeders? No, as our
puppies are priced average to other breeders. We take this extra step because we care about the overall health of our
puppies and want to be sure they are the healthiest they can be prior to going to their new homes. We are proud of our
babies and want you to be as well! Certificate verification for all health testing is available at request and is supplied to new
families when they receive their puppy.  Please see the
HEALTH page of our website for more information and links on
possible health problems in Boston Terriers.
Q: Where are your puppies born and raised?
A: Our puppies are born and raised in our home as part of our family,
period. Our puppies are not born or raised outdoors, in a separate
kennel building, or in wire bottom kennels. Many breeders use wire
bottom kennels so that fecal matter, water, urine, etc can fall through the
grated bottom. Yes, this is easier to clean for most people but this puts
the patellas of puppies in jeopardy as it has been proven that raising
puppies on wire bottoms, no matter the thickness of the wire, can affect
their growth plates and ultimately their patellas thus having a higher
percentage chance of luxating patellas into adulthood. Our whelping
pens are plastic bottom crates that easily fit into the corner(s) of the
family room of our home. Because there is always someone home, if a
mess is made it can easily be picked up and puppies attended to without
the need of a wire bottom. Once puppies are old enough to be weaned
and away from mom, we use a large kiddie swimming pool with a
surrounding xpen. This way we can divide their area for sleeping from
the area where they go to the bathroom.  Here is a video of where our
puppies are kept and raised:
Q: May we come to your home to meet the puppies and the parents?
A: Unfortunately we do not always allow people at our home, especially  
when we have puppies that have not been fully vaccinated. Why you
ask? This is a safety issue. We are very cautious about anyone that
comes on our property no matter the time of year. There are viral
diseases deadly to puppies (like Parvo) that can live on your person or
even on the bottom of your shoes/clothing/etc and you may never know
it. We are not willing to sacrifice the safety of our puppies so you can
visit. We have never had any incidences of disease liker parvo at our
home, and we will not take a chance. We welcome visitors when we do
not have puppies at our home or if the young pups (4+ months) we have
are fully vaccinated. This means if you are interested in a puppy from a
future litter you are more than welcome to come and visit.
Q: What shots and wormings do your puppies receive
before going to their new home(s)?
A: At 4 and 5 weeks old our puppies are given 1
dose of
NEOPAR which is a single way Parvo
vaccination and is the best of the best. At 6 weeks
old our puppies are given their first combo puppy
shot. We use Galaxy/Nobivac
) 5-in-1. We never use any shots that
contain LEPTO as Boston Terriers can have
extreme allergic reactions to this vaccine. At 10
weeks of age your puppy will be due for their
second combo puppy shot which will be
administered by your veterinarian, or by
ourselves if your puppy is still at our home. Our
puppies are wormed for heartworm preventative
once a month with liquid Ivomectin. We also worm
with Drontal, Safeguard, Baycox and possibly
Panacure to get any other worms or parasites
that may be present in their bodies or as a "just in
case" preventative. Each puppy will go to their
new homes with a health/shot/worming record that
outlines all of this for their new family and new
veterinarian. Should any questions arise, we are
happy to speak with your veterinarian. Again your
puppy is not due for another puppy shot after
going home until 10 weeks of age. In the event
the veterinarian insists on additional shots during
initial puppy required 48 hour checkup when you
get your puppy, please call us and let us speak
with the veterinarian. We do not want our puppies
over vaccinated!
Linda at 13 months old with her first puppies.
Q: What kind of food do you feed your puppies and adults?
Q: What guarantees do you provide?
A: In addition to the one year health guarantee the puppy purchase agreement hosts the alteration
contract. The one year health guarantee covers any life threatening congenital defects not inherent of
the Boston Terrier breed. For more information and a copy of our health guarantee(s) please contact
us at
Q: We read a complaint online that stated you sold a puppy sick with
Parvo to a family. Is there any truth to that?
What you are reading below is the account of the events from the side of Cypress Farm Kennel and
the contents below can be verified for validity. If this is needed, please contact us and we can supply
the evidence.

On the day of
January 11, 2011, 4 puppies were shipped to their new homes via Continental Airlines.
This was a task we have been completing for the past 13 years without incident. The puppies all flew
on the same flight to Houston, where their first layover took place, and then were separated and
transferred to their respective flights sending them on their way to their new homes. One puppy flew
to California, one went to New Hampshire, and 2 went to the same home in Florida. Per contract we
require that within 48 hours of the new owner's possession of their puppies that they be seen by their
veterinarian for their first checkup with their new owners. If this is not completed all contracts are null
and void. The puppy in California passed it's check up without issue. The puppy that flew to New
Hampshire  passed it's checkup without issue. The new owner was sure to tell me on their update post
on our Facebook page that the vet had remarked "the puppy was in great health" and he appeared to
have come from a good breeder.   The two puppies in Florida were never taken for their contractual
48 hour checkup, thus making our contractual obligation to them null.  

The night of the third day of ownership we were notified that one of the puppies in Florida was ill and
had been taken to the emergency veterinarian. I, Krystin Johansen, was told she had been tested for
Parvo and resulted positive. In an initial panic I did state that the puppies must have been exposed to
the virus while at the veterinarian only days prior to them leaving on their flight where they had
received their clean bill of health from the veterinarian for flight. I had taken 6 puppies to this
checkup, 1 was still at home with the other puppies that had not left yet. Had all of the puppies been
exposed?  Parvo is incredibly contagious, like the common cold or flu in humans. If they had been,
what on Earth were we going to do?

First thing first, I contacted the owners of the puppies that had gone to their new homes immediately
after the initial phone call about the positive Parvo test result, regardless of the late hour, asking that
they take their puppies to the vet first thing in the morning to get a checkup. We then called
Continental Airlines to notify them of what was going on. We also placed a 2 week quarantine hold on
all puppies still at our residence in case they had been exposed to the virus as we did not want to
take the chance of any of the other puppies going to their new homes exposed or worse, ill. We
posted a notice about the positive Parvo puppy on our Facebook page and notified all of the owners
of the quarantined puppies personally so that they were fully aware of everything going on. We had
every intention of keeping everyone up to date on what was happening with the sick puppy and their
puppies at our home. We kept a time stamped daily photo and video log of all of the puppies in
quarantine for the 2 weeks of the virus incubation period. We posted these to our Facebook profile
page daily so that the owners of their puppies who were concerned knew that all was well with their
babies and no occurrence of Parvo was taking place at our home and kennel.

The day after being notified of the Florida puppy testing positive for Parvo we kept in contact with the
of the second puppy living in the same home the sick puppy was being treated in. He was not
exhibiting any symptoms at all, but unfortunately was not kept away from his sick sister making it ever
more easy for the virus to be spread. The owners chose to treat the puppy at home as best they
could. During the day we also tried to contact the New Hampshire owner to receive an update on her
puppy. We had received one text message about him at 9:01AM asking "Not that we do, but what if we
wanted to send him back?" I replied with the stipulations of the contract she signed and also asked for
an update on the status of her puppy. No response was returned. We called, left messages, text, and
emailed the New Hampshire owner countless times to no avail.  We received word from the California
puppy owner, and from another owner of a puppy that had been picked up and gone to it's new home
on the 7th of January, that their puppies checked out fine at their vet appointments with no symptoms
of Parvo to be seen.  Thankfully, that evening we did receive word from the New Hampshire owner via
our Facebook page that her puppy had tested positive for Parvo and was in the emergency room.
Little did we realize that was to be the one and only update we would receive on his condition or the
last time the owner would even be returning any contact for the duration of her puppies treatment for
Parvo, never bothering to return our countless tries to contact her for an update. We were left in the
dark on his status fearing the worst. It wasn't until January 18th that we received a lengthy email from
the New Hampshire owner explaining their puppy was out of the ER and was recovering at home
happily. The email also stated why they had been silent through the duration of their puppies
treatment: they were upset with us. Also that they were not asking for reimbursement for their puppy
and the expenses for treatment were handled.

We were able to keep in touch with the Florida family on the status of their girl and boy during the
duration of the sick girls treatment. After a couple of days of treatment the sick girl was beginning to
get better and the boy had not exhibited any symptoms at all. Things were certainly looking up.
However the family was incurring quite an expense trying to treat their sick puppy and although we
were not contractually or legally obligated to reimburse any monetary funds, even after they failed to
have their puppies 48 hour check up completed when they first received the puppies voiding their
health guarantee and contract altogether, we told the family we wanted to help.  We wanted to do
what was right and we wanted to aid any way that we could. We left it up to the family to decide what
they wanted us to do. They told us they wanted us to reimburse them the purchase price of the sick
puppy via Paypal. We sent an email outlining the stipulations of this reimbursement which were to be
that the purchase price of the sick puppy would be reimbursed minus the shipping costs and once
paid Cypress Farm would no longer be obligated to pay forth any other monetary amounts for both
puppies. The owners of the sick Florida puppy agreed. Even though there was no proof that the
puppy became ill while at our home, once we obtained documentation from their veterinarian that the
puppy did in fact test positive for Parvo, on the morning of January 16th we gladly obliged and
reimbursed them the money as they requested via Paypal with the stipulations in the memo of the
receipt. We text notice of the payment sent and were returned confirmation that the payment was
received. That was the last contact we had with the Florida owners. We phoned for updates to no
avail. We also text and emailed and received no return response. It was as if they had disappeared
and we were quite perplexed as we had been in constant contact with the family since well before they
had ever received their puppies.

At 10:30PM I received a text from the Florida owners telling me to check my email and a response was
required within an hour. This was extremely odd. I also had a message on Facebook stating the
same. I came to find a lengthy email in my inbox stating the second puppy was now exhibiting Parvo
like symptoms, requesting full reimbursement for him, all shipping costs, and that if the puppy did in
fact test positive for Parvo he would be put to sleep immediately and "the death of this puppy will be
due to your negligence, irresponsibility, and lack of professionalism or morality".  What was the result
to be if we did not do all that they asked? Nothing short of extortion. We were given multiple
ultimatums that were barring on threats with the conclusion of "I expect a written reply to these
requests stating exactly how you choose to proceed from here within the hour (1:30 am EST), so that
I may act accordingly tonight. If you do not respond I will take the necessary course of action to
protect others from your disregard and deceit."

I was in shock and disbelief. How was I to respond to this? Certainly there must be some mistake?
Why would they be treating us with such distaste after we have done everything they have been
asking of us? Why were we being met with such anger when we had gone above and beyond what we
were obligated to do contractually as we wanted to help? When we had last conversed earlier in the
day all was well with the second puppy and the sick puppy was on the mend. My mother was sleeping
so I could not converse with her about my return response and this email being written in the tone of
such discontent I felt with the flood of emotions I had rushing through my mind that it was much better
not to respond and approach this in the morning. Again by the tone of the email, I felt our lawyer
needed to examine the email further and give us counsel on the best way to approach this email.
Unfortunately we were not afforded the opportunity to respond. The events that unfolded at 1:30AM
to present day have been nothing short of mind boggling.

The Florida owners, the New Hampshire owner, and an instigating third party owner who had received
their puppy on the 7th of January (the puppy being 100% healthy and never was ill from Parvo)
began an all out assault on our yet untarnished reputation as breeders. We were slandered and
defamed in a way I feel best appropriate not to outline in the context of this dialogue as the things that
were said are entirely inappropriate, personal, and not even about the puppies. The things stated
were not only about our kennel, myself, and my mother, but they attacked other breeders, our
personal and business friends, and other person's who own puppies from us. They even went as far
as to contact one of our friend's churches and it's congregation.  Our personal contact information
was posted on the Facebook pages of the Humane Society, PETA, AKC, Boston Terrier Facebook
fan pages, and countless other arenas causing a chain reaction of emails, and telephone messages
from the supporters of these organizations who were pawns of their slander.  These people left
outrageously disgusting voicemails and texts on our cell phones sending death threats and quite
vulgar threats of torturous harm to myself and my mother. The third party person, who had a healthy
puppy, called Animal Control in our area and filed a complaint that "I read on Facebook that puppies
were becoming ill with Parvo that came from this kennel." Animal Control came to our home and was
welcomed with open arms. We graciously showed them through our home and property in which we
received positive reviews. There were no infractions found and we passed the inspection. I then
asked that Animal Control please make one more trip, unannounced and some time later so that they
can be sure we remain up to par. This has since taken place and again, no infractions were made.
This is all in our record with the San Patricio County Animal Control Office.  While all of this was going
on we received word through the grapevine that the second puppy of the Florida owners passed
away. We were never contacted by the Florida owners to notify us, nor were we ever supplied proof of
this.  We don't know if the owner put the puppy to sleep as they said they would or if he passed from
Parvo. We have been asked if we believe the puppy actually passed. Honestly we do not know. We
do know that through ALL of this, we stayed silent, not giving into their bullying. We did ask that all of
our friends try their best to ignore them and never to defend us. This was something that was
supposed to be handled between puppy owners and breeder, not involve the entire online community.

The puppies that were being held through the incubation period of the virus never fell ill. There was
never an instance of stool that was not firm. All was well with our puppies at home. We brought all of
the puppies into the vet at the end of the 2 week incubation period for their final checkups, including a
fecal exam. All of the puppies were, for lack of a better word, perfect. They were all cleared by our vet
and with that, one by one they were off to their new homes. All was well and we could not be more
happy. This was until we received word that the people that had just gotten their puppies were now
being harassed online. They were receiving emails from the parties above claiming they were liars,
that their puppies had been sick, and they were protecting us. Many of the families had to block these
people from contacting them as it was incredibly disgusting that they would be going to such extremes.

Because of the Parvovirus' extremely contagious nature, if in fact the sick puppies had become
exposed at our veterinarians or at our home, it is nearly impossible that not one of the puppies that
we had at our home in quarantine would not have fallen ill with Parvo. My initial fears that the sick
puppies had been exposed at our veterinarians during their final checkups before leaving us had
been nullified. We have concluded, along with our veterinarians, that the puppies must have fallen ill
after leaving our hands, while in transport, on the first leg of their trip when they all flew together.  
Paired with the stress of the flight causing their immune systems to be compromised, they fell ill with
Parvo days after getting to their new homes. This would help to explain why the New Hampshire puppy
had passed his new owners puppy examination perfectly with no signs of illness only to fall ill later.
Are we without a doubt correct in concluding this? No. There is no way to know for certain when a
puppy contracted Parvovirus and no veterinarian would state in writing that they know when the
puppy contracted the virus. It is impossible to ever know for certain when or where it was contracted.
We do know it was incredibly fortunate that the puppy that flew to California alongside the puppies
that fell ill, was never infected with the virus.

Over the last 10 months we have seen a lot from these people. We are aware of all of the online
complaint boards that they have posted within defaming our character and slandering our reputation.
We have never rebutted or gave into their bullying. We have seen their stories change from posting
to posting. Each time more outrageous than the next and changed in their favor ever more slightly to
make us look less and less capable. Over the last 10 months it has become almost comical to see the
lengths they have tried to go to tarnish our reputation. One thing that is not comical is that it seems
that the reason for the outburst, the puppies, had been lost along the way and turned personal.

We have read the reasoning of the outbursts towards us that have taken place over the last 10
months by the sick puppy owners and third party owner were done to notify the public of what
happened, to make the public aware that we are terrible, awful, horrible, uncaring breeders and
people in general. Now reading both sides, you are free to draw your own conclusion. If you don't
trust in us fully, then we wouldn't want you owning one of our puppies anyway. A relationship is forged
when a breeder grants ownership of one of their puppies to a family. It is bond that is supposed to be
strong. If you don't trust us, it can not take place. That is why we want everyone to understand what
has happened and how we have handled it.

Could this all have been gone about differently? Absolutely. We are not denying any of this ever took
place but are confirming what happened and confidently speaking about the events that took place
from the point of view of Cypress Farm Kennel. Overall we feel that we went above and beyond what
we were contractually and legally obligated to do to help the families as any breeder of integrity would
have done. We never meant for any of this illness to take place, and after over 20 years of a solid
reputation of providing happy, healthy puppies to families all over the world, we still stand strong in
knowing that we did everything we could for this very unfortunate situation. Had the puppies fallen ill
before leaving our hands, they would have never left. But reality is, that is not what happened. We
have been asked if we hate these people for what they have done to us and what they have said
about us, but honestly, no we do not. We do not hate anyone. We understand to an extent the
passion behind what they have done. After all, they love their puppies. They love the puppies that we
raised here with unconditional love until they left us for their new homes at 8 weeks old, healthy. The
very same puppies we love and continue to love. Could it have been handled differently by all parties
had the circumstance been a bit different? Most definitely. Can we change the events that took
place? No. But we can send our blessings to the families involved and wish them the best in
everything that they do. We have not been friends with the families of the sick puppies as we have
with our extended Cypress Family (what we call our puppies owners) thus we have not received any
pictures or updates as the puppies have grown into adults. We have missed out on their lives.

UPDATE (4/1/14): I received an update from one of the owners who had reported to have an ill puppy
back in 2011. I was amazed at the kindness showed in the update which included a thorough apology
for having been so incredibly mean to us during the events of 2011. I was told by this person that they
were made to feel by the other parties involved that they had to attack us and treat me the way the
others were or face the same attacks and rants as were being done to us. The person was scared
and wanted none of the negativity so instead had chosen to attack us. It was very nice to receive the
apology as well as the updated photos of my puppy who has grown into a beautiful Boston. I was
sworn never to share the photos as this person feared the negative repercussions they would face for
having communicated with us in a positive way rather than what was expected of them from the
vindictive parties. I accepted the apology graciously and invited the person to communicate with me
anytime they would like. As for the other parties, all I can say is "God Bless their hearts" and continue
to pray for them.

UPDATE (8/15/16): Continued thanks and our greatest appreciation tp those of you who have stood
behind us since the events of January 2011 have unfolded. As we near the 6th anniversary of those
tragic events we are reminded of how far we have come since the attacks and defamation we
withstood in such dark times. We have found peace to forgive our attackers and hope that they have
been able to find peace as well. The puppies who have now grown into dogs who are loving parts of
their devoted families have always been the focal point of this kennel and our family.    
Q: Why do you not place your puppies with full registration for breeding purposes like most breeders?
A: At current we are not selling any of our puppies with full registration for the purpose of
breeding. This means all of our puppies are placed with strict spay/neuter (alteration)
contracts along with their one year health guarantee
. Males are to be neutered no later
than 12 months, while females are to be spayed no later than 6 months to avoid their first
heat cycle.
Not having your puppy altered will result in legal repercussions (law suit)
IMMEDIATELY after infringement of contract.  Breeding a litter is a long term commitment
and is not to be taken lightly.  Doubly it is very hard to maintain the integrity and quality of
a bloodline if you do not know the genetic background and science of how the bloodline
works/results. Few are vested enough in their program to take the time needed to expertly
learn the bloodlines they are melding to create their own. Boston Terriers are not a breed
for "hobby" breeders or "I think I will just want to have one litter" breeders. Breeders
specializing in Boston Terriers should be of experience and well educated with potential
health issues of the breed and those health tests specified by the Boston Terrier Club of
America as published by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals associated with
preventing them in a bloodline.  

We do not want our Bostons sitting in a back yard or home doing nothing but breeding.
That is not a complete existence and not the way we want our puppies/dogs living.
Bostons are an intelligent, family breed that love to have a purpose and enjoy making their
owners happy. To be active helps them thrive.   

We are working very hard to produce puppies who are consistent in type. In the future
when we are able to do so, which will take several years and many generations, we may
be open to more regularly allow puppy placement with full registration.
We have
extended an invitation to select breeders of like ethics and sound judgement who
are devoted and invested in the betterment of the Colored Boston Terrier breed
work alongside of us allowing them access to our bloodlines, albeit the circle who
met our qualifications and accepted is small
. The breeders that we work with are most
certainly held in the highest regard within the Colored Boston Terrier community of their
peers and are known as some of the leading in their field. Holding elevated standards
within their program that we feel confident in supporting paired with trusting them to uphold
their commitment to the word they give us is of our utmost concern. Thanks to m
ore than a
decade of experience in this community
, earning respect from breeders around the world to
say we are thrilled
with the bounds our program has made thanks to the relationships we
have forged
. We can not wait to further the achievement of our long term goals,
We have the right to refuse service to anyone.
In the event we choose to enact our right to refuse service after we have received a deposit, know that the deposit will be
returned to f
amily promptly via PayPal ONLY. Reason for return highlighted in the comments section of payment will be
On this page you will find answers to those frequently asked questions that we normally receive in our email inbox,
plus more. At Cypress Farm we believe in honesty and integrity and hold the ethics of our program in high regard.
We will always be nothing but truthful in the way we handle our kennel and any questions pertaining to it. As always
if the answer you are looking for isn't here please contact us at
If we don't know the answer, we promise to find someone who will!
A: We have experimented with different foods over the
years mapping out each food's strengths and
weaknesses for our dogs. We do what we can to
avoid both corn and peas as filler which is getting
harder and harder to do. We have determined that 5
star rated, Texas based company, Victor Super
Premium Dog Food covers all of our requirements for
both puppies and adults. Since it is an all life stages
formula there is no need to switch between puppy and
adult formulas. Victor provides many different choices
for your dogs needs with varying protein content and
ingredients. Victor is not sold at Petsmart or Petco,
but rather co-op and livestock supply stores like
Tractor Supply Company. For more information and
for a store locator see:  
In the event there is not a store near you and you'd
still like to try Victor, recently
began selling it with delivery to your doorstep. A great
deal for a 40lb bag!
A: Linda was beginning to look for another breed to venture into while
retiring from breeding Miniature Pinschers, a breed that Linda was well
known for her deep dark chocolate and rust puppies. Linda always had a
love for Boston Terriers. It was not until Krystin picked up a Doctor
Foster's and Smith Catalog, noticed the chocolate Bostons in the
advertisements, and brought it to Linda's attention that chocolate Bostons
existed that the idea of breeding Boston Terriers truly began to take form
in reality as they pursued further information on the breed and origin of
the nonstandard colors. It was two months later that their first chocolate
Boston Terrier was added to the family, and the love for this amazing
breed was born.  We had strongly considered retirement from the
breeding of Boston Terriers over the 2010/2011 year as our lives were
changing quite a bit. But in this time a lot of thinking was done and we
found that there are far to many unscrupulous breeders of Boston Terriers
who focus on color alone with no concern for matters of importance like
health, temperament, or structural type. Our passion for the Boston
Terrier breed is far to great to let the number of reputable breeder dwindle
which is why we ultimately decided to laugh at the thought of retiring and
continue in our endeavors of producing sound, healthy, Boston Terriers of
color that meet the standard in type and are even temperamented for
ease of training. In the last two years we have seen a significant increase
in consistency of type in our litters and we thank the Lord everyday we
didn't retire. It has been nearly 10 years that we have been raising these
gorgeous dogs and we pray we are blessed with another 10 years.
Pictured above is a Cypress Farm Kennel puppy being BAER (hearing) tested at 7 weeks of age. Every CFK is AVID
microchipped and BAER hearing tested prior to going to their new homes.  *OFA certified clinic: Seguin Animal Hospital
Q: What supplements do you use?
In addition to a premium diet we also give them a daily
multivitamin called NuVet. We have been using NuVet wafers
daily for 4 years. Our dogs have always been happy and
healthy but since implementing NuVet our dogs have that little
something extra about them. Their coats have never been
shinier! They have no tummy issues even though Bostons are
regarded as being a breed with a sensitive stomach and our
dogs have little to no issues with allergies commonly
associated with the BT breed even those in the height of
allergy season in Spring and Fall. Our breeding males have
more stamina with higher sperm count, our females ovulate
regularly, success rate of conception is higher than ever
before, and best yet our puppies are born with coats glowing
like diamonds with no health issues from the start. It truly is an
all around wonderful supplement to use daily no matter if you
breed or not. Some vets say that dogs don't need supplements
because they get everything they need from a quality diet. In
part that is true because they are getting everything they need
nutritionally from a high quality diet. However, if humans ate the
same diet as one another, daily, while some us of may thrive
on this diet others may be healthy but lacking a little extra that
a daily vitamin may help give us that little something extra this
diet is missing. It's the same with dogs. NuVet gives them the
little something extra their bodies are missing from their diets.
When our puppies go home we provide the new families with a
sample pack of NuVet as well as an informative brochure. This
vitamin can only be bought at a vets office, through a
distributor, or with a distributor order code online. No other
distributer of NuVet we know, including vets, give free samples.
Not even NuVet! However we believe in it so much we are
willing to give you free samples from our own bottles we
purchased so you can try it! Whether or not you are getting a
puppy from us if you would live to get a FREE sample of NuVet
along with the informative brochure we are more than happy to
mail you one. Just email us at
with the subject NuVet, let us know how many dogs you have,
your name, and mailing address and we will gladly get you a
sample to try. The sample is like a taste test as it takes 3 or
more weeks to see a difference in your pet to know that it is
working. Trust us, it's totally worth the try! Here is a link for
more information including ordering if you'd like to purchase.
Order code: 75886
AKC Boston Terrier exhibitor, breeder, and enthusiast
Q: What are the prices of your puppies for placement?
A: Unlike most breeders of Boston Terriers, we do not have "scaled pricing". Scaled pricing is varying pricing
depending on factors such as color and sex. Our pricing is "set" and this means that all puppies regardless of
coat color/pattern or sex/markings of a puppy, are priced at $2,000. Deposit to hold your choice puppy is $500,
which is deducted from the balance of $2,000 at time of pickup.