Cypress Farm Kennel: Preferred Waiting List (PWL)
Cypress Farm Kennel (CFK) will no longer host a "No Obligation" waiting list.
In an effort to provide better communication, greater detail about upcoming litters, and a more approximate time line for available puppies to
the families on the list, we are converting to a self-designed "
Preferred Waiting List”, otherwise noted as the "PWL". The genetic
diversity of our Boston Terriers can produce any number of puppies with varying coat color, markings, and/or eye color in each litter. It is not
a breeding goal to produce specific colors or entire litters of like colored puppies so please understand that there is almost always an
average wait time of six months to one year from date of reserving a place on the PWL until a puppy may be available. Our hope is that this
method will help reduce how overwhelming the waiting list has been the last couple of years. We are so appreciative of all of the wonderful
families out there interested in owning a Cypress Farm Kennel Boston Terrier. We owe it to all of those on our list to do better which is the
main objective of the PWL. We've taken a lot of time applying the varying opinions of our breeder peers on the PWL as well as referencing
families who contacted us with their initial interest questions. This has greatly helped us to navigate the formulation of how we will proceed
with the guidelines of the PWL. In true fashion of most of our writings, the length of this article should not be surprising. It is extensive but if
you take the time to read it carefully and in entirety, we believe all of your questions should be answered and concerns alleviated. We at CFK
believe these guidelines to be fair for all, even if rather coarse in their directness at times. We do not mean any offense in our chosen
verbiage, just merely stressing importance. Please take this into consideration when reading.
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The first step to adding a Cypress Farm Kennel puppy to your family is to contact us directly to confirm availability of a place on the PWL. To do so
please send an email with subject line "AVAILABILITY" to OR you can complete the form on the bottom of this page.

The Preferred Waiting List consists of two sub-lists: “PWL Males” and “PWL Females”. Each sub-list will allow for 10 reservations, totaling 20. If
there is an opening, a formal puppy application will be required for consideration. We will provide a direct link to the puppy application to you upon
contact. Once the application is received and reviewed an email will be sent letting applicant know if the initial application has been approved or
declined. The email will also inquire as to an appropriate time to conduct a phone interview. This interview is imperative for both breeder and
prospective puppy family to ask any and all questions.  It's the perfect time to get to know each other!

Once the phone interview has concluded and the decision is agreed upon to move forward with reserving a place on the PWL a reservation fee of
$100 is required. We will require a signed reservation agreement which will be provided via email after the conclusion of the phone interview. The
reservation fee can only be paid via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal's service. All that is needed is a credit/debit
card if you don't have an account. We will send a formal, detailed invoice for payment. The reservation fee is applicable to the $200 deposit fee
that is placed to reserve your pick puppy when one is available. This means that when a family on the PWL selects an available puppy they will
owe $100 to hold their pick puppy until the balance is due. The reservation agreement is a legally binding, single page contract that in short is an
agreement that this article was read to completion and understood without question. The reservation will not be locked in place until we receive a
signed hard-copy of the reservation agreement and the fee is paid. The reservation agreement must be received in hand by CFK, postmarked
within 10 days of payment of invoice, or reservation fee will be forfeited to CFK without reservation. We refuse to wait months to hold a
reservation for someone who can't mail us a single page contract within 10 days. No one is perfect! However, much about owning a puppy is
about following directions.  This reservation process is designed to allow us to gauge a family's ability to follow directions as well as experience
their communication skills to make sure our personalities mesh. This will lead us to an understanding of the family's desire to complete tasks
asked of them within a set time line.

A loving, invested family that is communicative, who follows directions,
and completes tasks in a timely fashion is the ultimate Cypress puppy family in our book!

We encourage the families on the PWL to use the wait time for a Cypress Farm Kennel puppy wisely by continuing research not only about the
breed, but looking into other breeders as well. It is best to know all available options. In the event a family decides to purchase a puppy from
another breeder and wants to revoke their reservation on the CFK PWL, the reservation fee will NOT be refunded. If the family wants to retain their
reservation on our PWL after purchasing a puppy from another breeder and in the future get a CFK puppy, as long as the guidelines of this PWL
are followed that is fine. However a puppy will not be made available to a home with opposite sex, intact dogs. This means that if you are on our
list for a girl puppy and you get a boy puppy from another breeder, a girl puppy will not be made available to the you until the male puppy is altered
(neutered). This must be done to avoid any accidental breeding.  Proof of alteration for dogs owned by a family may be requested before approval
to make a reservation or purchase a puppy is granted.  On rare occurrences a home visit may be required. If this is not agreeable kindly do not
contact us about owning a CFK puppy as this alteration guideline will not waiver.
Under no circumstance will reservation holder receive a refund of reservation fee if they decide to remove themselves from our PWL. Refund of
reservation fee is entirely at the discretion of CFK. If a family randomly chooses to no longer seek a CFK addition and removes themselves from
the list they will not be refunded. If CFK finds that a reservation holder has lied about anything on their application OR  about anything during their
phone interview at any stage of the wait period CFK reserves the right to refuse reservation and thus the fee is forfeited to CFK.  If CFK
discontinues raising Boston Terriers all reservation holders will be refunded $100 by way of PayPal.
Please read our
FAQs page of our website before proceeding with seeking placement on the PWL. Don't forget to Google Cypress Farm Kennel!
Be sure and know confidently that you want to invest financially on being placed on our PWL before you start the process of investing your time
interviewing with us. Let us know if you have any questions.

Once the reservation is locked in your “number”, or place, on the waiting list will be given to you. As puppies become available and are placed,
you will move up the PWL until eventually it is your turn to choose a puppy. However know that you don't have to be a number one reservation
holder for it to be your turn to get a Cypress puppy. Lots of decisions of families ahead of you on the list influence who has the opportunity to
choose an available puppy. Those reservation holders of male #'s 1-3 may need to wait for whatever reason making it #4's lucky day to get the
only male in a litter. Please understand that having #1 position does not guarantee having pick of the litter.  
Cypress Farm Kennel reserves the
right to keep any puppy from any litter we produce.
A puppy is only ever made “available” and is defined herein as a puppy that is presented for
placement to the PWL after initial evaluation concludes CFK will not be keeping it. If we choose to keep two puppies, we will. We won't entertain
any grief about it either. This is our right as the breeder of the litter. We do not raise Boston Terriers as our source of income, we do so to impact
the Colored Boston Terrier breed in a positive light because we love the breed so much. We can't continue to better our program unless we keep
the best of the best to further the next generation of our bloodlines.

Each reservation holder will have the ability to skip on an available puppy once. When a reservation holder chooses to skip they are moved to the
bottom of the 10 person PWL list and their name is frozen for 3 months.  Since most people skip because it isn't the right time, this means that if
the reservation holder wants to wait and skip on an available puppy (for any reason) they will be overlooked for future available puppies until the
time period of 3 months has expired. If a puppy comes available to the reservation holder a second time within 6 months of date skipping first
time, and for whatever reason the family does not want the available puppy,
the reservation holder forfeits place on the list and will not receive a
. We understand bad timing and never want to rush anyone into getting a puppy which is why we allow the ability to skip on an available
puppy within reason. Our now canceled no obligation waiting list was overwhelming with people that skipped 4 and 5 times over the period of
several years (4 years comes to mind of one particular family) which sure caused a major traffic jam of sorts of our list the longer it got. Also not
to mention it really started to give us a feeling of inadequacy mixed with hints of frustration not being able to match puppies who seemingly were
perfect with families that were so picky. Maintaining the previous list was a time consuming, daunting task contacting people that took days to
respond with interest or not even at all. Having an investment and a promise with our PWL ensures that your correspondence will be returned in
a timely fashion and vice versa.   If any of the aforementioned is not agreeable, kindly do not contact us about owning a CFK puppy.

If all (10) PWL Male reservation holders have seen the available puppies and there is still an available male we will contact all (10) PWL Female
reservation holders in a single group email about the puppy even though it doesn't fit their desired sex per application and interview. Some
people are fine with either sex, but the PWL only allows for one reservation at a time per family. There will be 24 hours given for reply of interest
to the group email sent. Deciding to pass on a puppy that is not the sex you originally applied for will not count as your skip. If no PWL Female
reservation holders are interested in the little boy we will then make a post on Facebook and here on our website about the puppy's availability.
We will reply to private messages of interest with a link to our puppy application as there will no longer be a public puppy application. We have
decided to remove it from public access on our website in an effort to deter impulse puppy shopping families. From time to time we do have an
available puppy upon initial contact, but please do not expect that you will contact us today and get a puppy tomorrow.

The reservation on the PWL will hold for 2 years from the date payment of PayPal invoice for reservation fee is received by CFK. After the time
period has expired the reservation holder can request their reservation fee of $100 be refunded via PayPal within 10 days from 2 year date OR
the family can choose to remain on the list for the first available puppy of either sex. If the first available puppy is not what the reservation holder
wants, place on the PWL is forfeited and reservation fee will
not be refunded.

The names and placement on the PWL will not be made public for reasons that need not be gone into for it would certainly lengthen this article by
another page.  After each litter, reservation holders will be notified via email of their current placement on the list. We do not always publicly
announce litters. Those on the waiting list will be exclusive to the information of CFK puppies almost always before anyone else.  (I may need to
brag to my best friends time to time after all.) Our aim is to notify families of puppies having been born by the time the puppies are four weeks of
age. Because it sometimes takes us longer to determine whether or not we will be keeping a puppy from a litter we can not give a time line for
when we will begin accepting deposits. We will not be rushed to decide. However as soon as we decide we we will begin contacting those on the
list about deposit placement starting with the #1 reservation(s).

Two years ago we did away with scaled pricing lists. We now have one set price for our puppies no matter the sex/color/markings/etc. All
puppies are placed as pets without breeding rights (legally binding alteration contract) for $1500. For further details about the strenuous yet
successful puppy rearing regimen we are implementing in our program please see this

If you like everything you've just read let's talk about the PWL. Complete the form below or email us at  
You should receive a response within 10 days of submission. We are working on bettering our response time, but can't guarantee that life will
comply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Linda & Krystin Johansen