Welcome to the page of our website featuring testimonies from Cypress Farm Kennel extended family. These testimonies were provided
by the families who have purchased a puppy from our home program OR adopted an adult retiree. We are very proud of our extended
family and are so thankful for each and everyone of them. Many of the families have opted to be references for any families currently
researching breeders for their new Boston Terrier addition. You will see their email addresses listed next to their names, under the
testimony of their experience with our home breeding program. Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have!
Research is key when choosing the perfect breeder and communicating with references provided by a breeder is pivotal.
Cypress Farm Kennel Family Testimonies
Jessica Santiago, Arizona
Adopted Adult Retiree: "Flame"

I was searching for a new puppy and researching on different
breeds. I came across Boston Terriers and just as anyone would
I googled as much as I could! The first website I came across was
Cypress farm kennels. For one they are so informative and did
not mind me asking them a million questions. That was the first
time I saw a photo of Flame which was also the first time I saw a
red Boston terrier. I was so smitten by her. She’s absolutely
stunning. I was so taken aback by her that I put in my application
for a puppy from a future litter but I also mentioned adopting
Flame as a potential if she ever considered retirement. Shortly
there after I adopted my male Boston terrier but remained
friends with Cypress. They share so much great information and
are also very personable. I didn’t even have a Cypress puppy yet
but I felt like part of the family. A year later I get an amazing
message asking if I were interested in giving Flame a home. I
was so excited and nervous but Cypress walked me through the
entire process step by step. She treats her retirees the same as
her new puppy buyers when it comes to the contract and
interviewing process. Even though I knew her for a year I still
went through with a phone interview. I appreciated that because
it shows her dedication to her pups also shows that she shows
no bias. Everyone is treated the exact same which is very
professional. When I picked Flame up though it was very
emotional we still managed to review the contract together one
more time and I was given all her records and a “home care
package”.  I’m so happy to have Flame in our family. She’s so
loving and you can just tell by how well she was taken care. I will
always recommend cypress farm kennels. The experience was
flawless, I’ve maintained a wonderful relationship with them
which I know if I ever needed anything they’d be more then
willing to help.
Jessie Kahn, Texas
Puppy Family: "Lucy" & "Apollo"
Referral Contact Email: monarchbutterfly2894@yahoo.com

My family is lucky enough to have 2 Cypress babies. Lucy (black
& white) was our first in 2013, & Apollo (red & white) December
2018. Not only are they incredibly smart, but also come with great
temperaments. Both of them have shiny, soft coats, and Lucy,
almost 6 years old, still has bright white shiny teeth! One of the
things I really respect is that Krystin doesn't stop caring about
us as families & the puppies once we take them home. You make
a friend for life with her. She is always there for advice, support,
or random questions. I cannot say enough good things about
Krystin & her dogs! I don't ever hesitate to brag on these
Bostons. Excellent representations for the breed!
Sonya Wilcox, Texas
Puppy Family: "T

I can't say enough good things about working with Cypress Farm
Kennels and Krystin.  I first found Cypress when I was doing
some idle research online about different colors occurring in
Boston Terriers (I had my first red BT, a foster failure and I fell in
love with the redheads).  I loved that she took the time to
explain how the colors occur, the history of the various colors
and patterns and anything else you might want to know about
Boston Terriers.  I followed her for a few years and when we
were finally ready for a puppy, I applied.  We waited well over
two years for the perfect little blue brindle with a Haggerty dot.  
Krystin was super patient when she would send me prospects
and I said "that's a gorgeous puppy but that's not the one."  She
is a gem to work with and is totally honest about the entire
process and about her breeding program.  We are thrilled with
our Tobias Rupert!!!!!
Cheryl Haywood, Canada
Puppy Family: "W
Referral Contact Email: Tinywrinklesrus@gmail.com

To say our experience buying a puppy from Cypress Farm
Kennels was an amazing experience, would be a gross
understatement.  From our first email that announced of a
beautiful baby boy that was born (pending all the required tests
and positive outcomes) would be available to me for adoption to
the day we met Krystin at the airport (VIP Nanny service) was an
absolute DREAM COME TRUE.  Krystin has answered every
question asked with enthusiasm and professionalism.  She
updated me with pictures and progress reports regularly without
being asked.  She has provided all the required pedigrees and
testing without being asked.  She even helped me with links to
do my own research and make all the necessary arrangements
when importing a dog from the us to Canada.  As for the puppy,
Wyatt, he is amazing, healthy, smart and beyond an exceptional
example of his breed.  I fully recommended Cypress Farms
Kennel and Krystin to anyone looking for a healthy well rounded
quality Boston Terrier.  Leaps and Bounds above the rest!
Kate Heiken Cauley, Texas
Puppy Family: "L
Referral Contact Email: Kate_heiken@hotmail.com

I reached out to Krystin years before we adopted our first
Cypress baby. I had seen a picture of the most incredibly
handsome dog in my whole life (insert an obsession with
Hannibal). I reached out and asked if she’d have any puppies
available that would be the same pattern & color - she said is
was not likely (lets be honest he’s pretty much a one of a kind).
Fast forward a few years, we were finally ready to add a cypress
puppy to our family and joined the Preferred Waiting List. We had
our interview and again I gushed over the look of Hannibal but
also expressed our desire to have a puppy with an outgoing
personality. The litters came into the world & Krystin informed us
that she had the perfect puppy for us. She sent us a picture of a
teeny tiny brindle boy and it was love at first sight. She had done
it, she had a puppy that not only had the look we were going for
but also the personality. That’s how Louis came into our lives,
perfect timing and a breeder who listened to what we were
looking for. He is such a special part of our family. He is smart,
easy to train, brave, protective, & loving. When he turned 6
months his baby sister was born and he took on the role of
protective big brother. He loves his baby and just wants to kiss
her. He adapts to all our new situations (like flying in planes,
doggy daycare, baby toys, & everything else we drag him too).
We are so grateful we found the Cypress family and community,
they will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
Russ Treider, Texas
Puppy Family: "S
Referral Contact Email: Russ.treider@gmail.com

My family loves our Boston Terriers like a human family member.  
They’re the perfect breed, and Cypress Farm Kennel is the
perfect place to find your new family member.  Krystin made the
whole process flawless when bringing our new boy home.  The
communication couldn’t have been better.  Her thoughts and
concerns are in the right place always: the future of the breed
and the safe future of that potential dog family member.  If you
want a quality Boston Terrier, with zero health issues, a good
start with Krystin treating them like her children, and a
reasonable price, look no further.  When it’s time to add another
one, I will never go anywhere else again.
Connie Cron Rowland, Missouri
Puppy Family: "I

I’m not an impulse buyer, especially when it comes to the
responsibility of bringing in a family member. After two rescues, I
promised a gift to myself of a much coveted blue BT. This dream
of owning one started around 10 years ago when a colored BT
was literally unheard of. I literally Googled “colored Boston
Terrier” and started following (stalking!) a few breeders.  Being
in the Midwest pushed my search out to only serious breeders
to keep my interest. I quickly weeded out ones I wanted no
contact with due to their lack of transparency. About 5 years ago
I really amped up my “following” skills to strictly Cypress Farms
Kennel as I wanted to see the consistency, number of litters per
mates, price range to see if it fluctuated due to sex, markings or
quality. Three years ago I reached out to request to be
considered for their waiting list. Fast forward to the call I had
been waiting for (10 years in the making) and have had my sweet
spirited Ivy that is now 2 yrs old. The drive from Kansas City to
TX was one I would make again in a heartbeat due to the quality
of my puppy, socialization with other dogs and humans alike and
her overall health.

With all of the above said about my experience getting my sweet
Ivy, the biggest reference I can give that would benefit a future
person interested in Cypress is to state be prepared in getting
more than just a puppy. You will become a CFK family member. I’
ve had the opportunity to meet up with two separate CFK puppy
families allowing the pups to reunite and we live States apart.
Keeping in touch by texting and Facebook from Ivy’s litter as if
we really are family members. Not just litter mates but other CFK
families! We truly are excited to watch them grow, change,
become invested and involved. Basically in a world of crazy,
politics and the unknown, it is uplifting to do life together just by
the chance purchase of a CFK puppy!
Beverly Gates, Texas
Puppy Family: "S
Referral Contact Email: Bcs425@gmail.com

When we started to discuss the idea of getting another Boston
Terrier I came across something on Facebook with a mention of
Cypress Farm Kennel. I instantly fell in love with all the beautiful
colored Boston's  and knew we'd have to consider them. It
started with filling out the application and coming to terms with
the wait we would endure until just the right baby came along. As
fate would have it a beautiful brindle girl was born on 2/21/2014
and Krystin reached out to see how we felt about her. After a
nervous interview in which Krystin and I discussed our home
and whether it was the right fit for the "Queen," it was decided
she would be our girl. Queen became Sophie and has brought
so much joy and laughter to our lives. Not only did we gain
Sophie, we are also now part of the Cypress Family. Krystin has
been there for every question, concern, and happy moment as
Sophie has grown up. We hope that when the time comes
Cypress Farm will have just the right Boston Terrier for us again.
Sunibel Sanchez, Florida
Puppy Family: "A
Referral Contact Email: sunibel@att.net

Our experience with Krystin at Cypress was absolutely perfect.
Receiving updates on our future puppy’s progress was
wonderful. Picking him up was also a great experience. We were
given every possible detail, documents, food, you name it,
needed to get our little Apollo off to a great start in his new
home. He is the light in our lives! Thank you Cypress and Krystin.
Heather Rimmer, Texas
Puppy Family: "D

There are no words that can express the joy of a puppy. We had
two Boston Terriers and after stocking Cypress Farms Kennel
for over a year and seeing the love and passion Krystin put into
each and every dog and new puppy we knew that was the only
place we would get our newest furry family member. From
beginning to pick up Cypress was extremely professional and
attentive. I WILL get another family member from Cypress in the
future but until then I will continue to stock her photos and
videos. Our sweet Dallas is such an amazing dog and we could
not love her or Krystin more for trusting us with one of her dogs.
Katlynn Kantola, Michigan
Puppy Family: "W
Referral Contact Email:  katlynn.wilch@gmail.com

I met Krystin, Linda and their family about 7 years back when I
decided to purchase a French Bulldog. Thankfully I found the
best Frenchie breeder not even 45 mins away from where I was
living. I received updated pictures often and Krystin met me to
pick up my new addition. Winston has been with us for almost 7
years and he is the best dog I’ve ever had. His temperament and
personality can not be matched by any dog I’ve ever come
across. Over the years I’ve stayed in contact and eventually
became friends with Krystin. I would recommend her as a
breeder to anyone. Her families knowledge of dogs and how to
properly breed them has been proven over and over in every
puppy that comes from them. I can’t wait to have my own colored
Boston from Krystin as well someday.
Deby DiLoreto, Conneticut
Puppy Family: "L

When my son and I decided to add another Boston to our family
we knew we wanted a blue Boston. That meant doing our
research! I was fortunate enough to find Cypress Farm!! Krystin
is so educated about the breed and is more than just a breeder.
She is a loving owner to the puppies she brings into this world.  
My son and I were very lucky to bring home a puppy sired by the
most famous CFK Primo. I loved the story of Primo! When a litter
became available and my son chose his puppy it was one of the
happiest days! The next was going to the airport and waiting for
that special delivery to arrive. Leo has brought so much joy to
our family. CFK is always available to answer questions offer
education provide support and you truly become part of the CFK
family when you bring home one of their babies.
Milanda Campbell Raines, South Carolina
Puppy Family: "B
ella Blue" & "Lux"

One of our first Bostons was a puppy mill rescue & although we
loved her, the vet bills from the issues that were bred into her
was something we didn’t want to see another dog go through.
She lived 13 wonderful years with us. When we looked to get a
puppy the number one thing was a reputable breeder.  We
searched near & far to find Cypress.  Not only the quality of the
puppies with health testing, etc.  but just to see the absolute
love of the breed she has sold us 100%!! We have 2 beautiful
Cypress Bostons & they are the best part of our lives. Bella Blue
& Lux Dixon bring so much joy to us. They are so intelligent &
have been in a local commercial in our town.  Everyone loves
Beth Schmidtline, Colorado
Puppy Family: "Eli"
Referral Contact Email: beth2779@msn.com

Eli is an amazing little guy and our experience with CFK has
been great.  But honestly, we really didn’t expect anything else
as we’ve known CFK and Krystin for a long time!  After losing our
fawn girl early in the summer we decided it was time to add to
our pack again and started the process to get on the waiting list
for a blue or lilac boy.  Krystin is very thorough in getting her
puppy families (which we love!) and kept us up to date on Eli’s
progress right up to when I got on the plane to pick him up.
When the time came I flew in to San Antonio airport where
Krystin was waiting with Eli and all his paperwork.  She has a
super helpful FAQ on the site with suggestions for air travel, but
still answered lots of questions from us.  The very first thing Eli
showed us was his penchant for giving kisses!  From the first
day in the airport and ever since, he gives everyone all the
Laura Hoepfner, Illinois
Puppy Family: "Leo"
Referral Contact Email:  

Dr. Emmett Brown, a Colored Boston Terrier belonging to
Chicago e-tailer Snort Monster, was my introduction to Cypress
Farm Kennel in 2013. His owners, Jeff and Aireen, put me in
touch with Krystin and I joined her waiting list. CFK has the most
gorgeous Boston Terriers I have ever seen and Krystin treated
me like a friend immediately. I was beyond impressed with her
vision, hearing, and patella standards for the breed. Having a
blind and deaf rescue Boston, and another Boston needing
patella surgery at the age of 3, there were major hot buttons for

In 2016, our beloved Boston Pearl (my first dog), passed away
the month before her 16th birthday. I reached out to Krystin to
update my application. Hazel soon joined our family. She is
simply filled with love. Plus smart, funny, and fearless. She
healed our broken hearts and bonded immediately with our 3
year old Boston Mabel. We now have a Cypress "family" all over
North America and I'm thrilled to be friends with the "moms" of
Hazel's two brothers, Dublin and Moby. I can't thank Krystin
enough for how she has enriched our lives in so many ways.
Debby Nash, Indiana
Puppy Family: "R
ory" & "Bubba"

I had always gotten my Boston Terriers from people close to my
town but after the last one had such health issues I decided to
do a little research and join some Boston terrier Facebook sites,
immediately I started seeing comments and pictures of beautiful
Boston Terriers all coming from Cypress Farms kennels, I
continued for quite a while reading comments from people that
had gotten one or two from them. There was nothing negative
said and the dogs were extremely healthy. In 2015 we got our
first Boston from CFK, a beautiful lilac boy which we named Rory.
The first thing my vet said was she had never seen a Boston so
healthy and with such high-quality’s. In 2016 we added another
CFK Boston to our family he is a blue Boston which we named
Bubba and he is extremely healthy. In time I look forward to
adding another one, there is such a difference in their Boston’s
verses buying from other breeders.
Amanda & Matt Brautigam, Texas
Puppy Family: "C
ash" & "Tinker"
Referral Contact Email:  Amanda.brautigam@gmail.com

I have always been drawn to the Boston Terrier breed. I have a
friend with a Red Boston (Hank) and once I met him I knew
without a doubt it was time for a Boston of our own.  I asked my
friend if my husband could meet Hank and instantly he agreed
this was going to be our next fur baby.   She recommended a few
breeders for us to look into and that's when we found Cypress
Farms Kennels. It was right before Christmas, November 2014.  
We read every detail we could about CFK, colored Boston
Terriers, how the coloring works and studied the CFK blood
line.  We reached out to them about one particular red male they
had available and knew right away he was meant for us and our
family and brought him home January 3, 2015 .  

Krystin was so professional and extremely helpful.  We were so
pleased with her interview process and how CFK is run.  They
are not out to place as many puppies as possible, they truly care
and love every single puppy born and will make sure that puppy
is placed with the perfect family every time.  The puppy contract
put in place is so important as well. Our Veterinarian was first
taken back by it simply because she had not come across such a
detailed breeder policy, but quickly was so enthralled with how
responsible and wonderful it is to have and enforce.

Recently we purchased our second CFK baby,  a brindle female!
Again, CFK was incredible.  I could go on and on!  She definitely
won't be our last CFK baby.  Thank you Cypress Farms Kennels
and Krystin for being so wonderful to work with and allowing us
to be these snort monster's humans!

I am happy to answer any questions future CFK families might
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