At Cypress Farm Kennel we are a home based, family friendly breeder harboring an intense passion for the Boston Terrier breed with a vested, morally
ethical reputation amongst our peers. We take great pride in going above and beyond the norm for our puppy families. Over the last decade we have
established a firm breeding plan with an emphasis that our puppies are bred with

What is bred with H.E.A.R.T.?

The pinnacle goal of our program is to produce the healthiest puppies possible. To ensure this goal is attained we have taken all steps necessary to certify the health of all of the dogs within
our breeding program in accordance to the recommendations of the
Boston Terrier Club of America. Proof of certification with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the Canine
Health Information Center is available at request. Prospective puppy families always receive copies of parent's certifications and accompanying puppy's health tests at time of adoption.

Education is a leading factor in being able to produce the finest puppies achievable while becoming the best breeder conceivable. When we began raising Boston Terriers of color there was
not a network of breeders that could be sourced for assistance. There was not even any type of information database that embodied knowledge on canine coat color genetics for the Boston
Terrier breed or particulars as to breed specific health issues/health tests to aid in preventing those issues within a program. Having experienced this lack of ability to find help we consider it
our duty to be a source of education for those individuals who have questions and are unsure of who to turn to. We take pride in helping others and being a continual source of information
for fanciers of the Boston Terrier breed. If ever a question should arise feel free to
contact us.

We firmly believe that breeder's should be held accountable for the puppies they produce. However it needs to be understood that puppies are living entities and no matter how great the
reach to perfection is in raising those puppies sometimes nature has a different path in mind that is beyond the control of the breeder. All to often if a puppy is in his/her new home and
becomes ill or a health issue arises a fly by night, irresponsible breeder will display a lack of support and even turn their back on the puppy's family entirely. Sometimes it is even worse
with unscrupulous breeders pointing the finger of blame to the puppy's family in an effort to absolve themselves from guilt regardless of the issue of health. Where other breeders may falter
support when issues in health occur we at Cypress Farm Kennel stand behind our puppies in sickness and in health, all the while treating our puppy families with utmost respect.  We back
our puppies with a health guarantee knowing that no matter how much preparation is taken in rearing healthy puppies, sometimes events take place that are beyond our control as the
breeder. If an issue arises it becomes our responsibility as a reputable breeder to be sure that our puppy and his/her family receives the support, help, and attention they deserve in making
sure a solution is found that will hopefully lead to the puppy regaining optimal health and ultimately leading a long and happy life.

A quintessential aspect of our breeding program is to produce puppies who's temperaments mimic that of their parents. One of the key influences in approving an adult Boston Terrier for
our CFK breeding program is that they lack in aggression and excel in intelligence for ease of training. Boston Terriers are known to be a hyperactive breed that can be hard to train but we
believe in the power of a bloodline. Maintaining a bloodline of superior intelligence leads to optimal temperaments in progeny.  Time and time again over the last decade as we have worked
diligently on our Cypress bloodline we have received feedback from puppy families in regard to the lack of difficulty in aspects of training including potty training and trick training. This
feedback by far is of the greatest compliments we can receive about our produced puppies. Knowing that our puppy families are very satisfied to own a quality, health tested Cypress Farm
Kennel puppy and are eager to refer us to their friends and family brings us the greatest joy.
We are proud of our dogs and puppies and love to share them with the world. After all being lovers of photography we can't help but take photos and videos
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We love sharing photos of all of the fun activities we partake in with our pups. Check out this super
awesome CFK meetup in 2015, which doubled as the 11th birthday for our boy Primo the Blue Boston
Terrier. People traveled from all over the United States to take part in the festivities held in Austin, Texas!
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